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MiniMul P25

Electro-hydraulic fork lift for the movement of plants in pots.

Electro-hydraulic fork lift MiniMul P25

Light machine with low dimensions, applicable for the movement of plants in pots or trays.

Fits in all greenhouses and does not cause compacting problems for the mulch between the rows.

Fast and agile and can turn on the spot.

Perfect for the completion of automatic plant treatment systems.

Light and compact electric powered fork lift.

Specifically engineered for the transport of plants in pots or trays on soil and on solid floor.




Hydraulic functions: Lift and pivot arm with dump function - hydraulically operated

  • Hydraulic control: 24 V
  • Pump: 3.2 l
  • Speed: 8 km/h
  • Battery charger: integrated
  • Operating duration: 6-8 hours
  • Charging time: 6 hours

Forks of different sizes and forms available

Weights and measures:

  • Width 87 cm
  • Length 110 cm
  • Weight 620 kg
  • Lifting capacity 250 kg
  • Drive with differential gear
  • 24V motor with 1200 W power

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