The specialist in nursery automations.

cutting machine with spherival cut

Trimming machine with spherical cutting system

Trimming machines for cutting of the foliage of plants, adapted to operate both in culture and under greenhouses.
The particular structure of the blade allows to adapt the curvature of cut in a few minutes.

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linear pruner machines manual and automatic

Trimming machine with horizontal cutting system.

Pruning machines practices and read also mounted on frames.

Particularly suitable even for those who want to produce cuttings.

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fork lift

Fork lifts.

Light and versatile machines suitable for transit of paciamati towels.

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camera system to choice plants

Camera system.

Innovative system of automatic selection of plants.

Applicable in every stage of manufacturing and/or packaging.

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Nurery systems

For nursery automations

The ever-increasing need to adapt the components to their production requirements lead to the need to customize, optimize standardize the processing phases.

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Orlandi srl - Special equipment

Welcome to ORLANDI's webside.

We are specialist in trimming, cutting machines, systems and more automation for nursery.

Worldwide, Orlandi supports the horticultural industry in the automation of the production process.

We constantly engaged in monitor the market closely and listen our customers.

Machinery with reliable performance, supported by a customer service, precise and accurate along with reduced delivery times are our best business card for customer satisfaction.

Orlandi s.r.l. is growing. Together with our technical parters we continue to invest in the future through the development of new products and technologies. With these objectives we merge the foundation to grow with our customers.