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Our products divided by section for nursery automation.

  • Trimming machine, spherical cut

    spuntatrici rap

    Machines for trimming at ball the foliage of plants, suited for working both in culture and in the nursery center of work.

    The special structure of the blade allows to adapt the curvature of cut in a few minutes.

  • Trimming machine, horizontal cut

    spuntatrici rap

    Trimming machines at horizontal cut for the plucking of potted plants on the ground or on benches.

    They can be operated either manually or insert on frames to automate tasks.

  • Forklift for plant carrying

    spuntatrici rap

    Forklifts for the transport of the plants in various stages of processing from the field at the processing and treatment.

    Lightweight and small in size can operate in confined spaces also on mulches.

  • Plant selection system with monitoring camera

    Systems cameras

    Multiple control system for the selection of 99 preset programs.

    Essential to the standardization phase of choice in production.

  • Special machines

    spuntatrici rap

    Complete systems or single machines for metering and mixing of  various soils and additives for the most complete autonomy in the timing for recipies preparation.