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Trimming machine EazyCut V8

EazyCut is the perfect solution for all gardeners and plant breeders looking for a simple and flexible method to trim and cut plants.

A competitive price adds to a considerable reduction of labour costs.

The capital investment pays off immediately.

A strong air flow blows the cropped parts into the provided bag.

Cutting and collecting proceed in the same operation cycle.

Easy to use and easy to maintain.

trimming machine EazyCut V8


Available in the following shear blade versions:

  • 34 cm EazyCut V8 300
  • 41 cm EazyCut V8 400
  • 120 cm EazyCut V8 1200
  • 160 cm EazyCut V8 1600

Great versatility

  • Cutting operation via combustion engine
  • Light frame with carrying straps
  • Cutting width depending on the model
  • A Collecting bag for the cropped parts helps also to increase the operating speed.
  • Self-sharpening blades

Custom-made frames on request

Spuntatrice EazyCut V8 1200/1600 World





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