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Trimming machine RAP 310

Trimming machine, electrically automatic, for shrubs, small trees and cones

Spuntatrice Rap 310

This machine is produced for plants with an abundant growth

Its particular characteristic is that the plants need not to be revolved and the pots will be placed by automatic pincers in the right cutting position which reduces the risk of numerous breakpoints and permits the blade a
perfect alignment along the crown.

The speed and the number of rotations of the blade are electronically programmable.

Curvature and length of the arched blade are mechanically adjustable.

Applicable for the cutting of shrubs, small trees and cones.



Cutting height: Adjustable from 0 to 100 cm

Spherical cutting unit: Unit adjustable from 15 to 45 cm diameter and extendable from 3 to 5 cutting elements

Conical cutting unit: Adjustable unit extendable from 3 to 5 cutting elements for cones with a height of 15 to 60 cm

Motor: Electrically controlled by an inverter

Efficiency: Up to 1200 cycles per hour

Holding of the plant pots: The pots will be held and placed in the cutting area by pincers.

This means a great steadiness for the whole system.


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