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Trimming machine Rap EazyCut Frame

Trimming machine with combustion engine on a frame for wheeling over cultivated plants on the ground or on working tables.

Trimming machine Rap Eazycut Frame

Flexible machine with adjustable height, applicable for trimming ornamental plants and herbs.

Needs only one operator!

The cutting height remains constant.

Does not damage the cropped parts

Fast trimming for a big volume of work.

The transferring of the machine on a row of working tables can be executed with a special cart (not in the scope of delivery!) by only one operator.



  • Adjustable frame in stainless steel
  • Wheels with tyres for the use on soil
  • Especially formed wheels for the use on working tables with rails
  • Cutting system with a 2-stroke-engine

Trimming machine Rap Eazycut Frame



Specifications and dimensions:


  • Cutting width 120 cm (Model 1200)
  • Cutting width 160 cm (Model 1600)
  • Traversable blades
  • Cutting height adjustable from 6 to 60 cm
  • Width of the frame adjustable from 100 to 200 cm
  • Customized offers on request






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