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Trimming machine RAP 206

Trimming machine, hydraulically self-propelled

Spuntatrice Rap 206

Trimming machine for wheeling over the plants with drive propulsion system and hydraulic cutting.
A combustion engine generates the oil pressure.

Base frame adjustable in height and width for wheeling over more than one row of plants. Carrier with traversable cutting system.

Strong and resilient, versatile, accurate and handy, permits the cutting of both spherical and conical forms with high precision and a high cutting rate.

Possibility of changing the blades from spherical to conical.


Frame adjustable with hydraulic pistons
Width from 120 to 220 cm
Cutting height from 0 to 180 cm

Spherical cutting unit
Unit adjustable from 30 to 70 cm diameter and extendable
from 5 to 7 cutting elements

Conical cutting unit
Adjustable unit extendable from 5 to 7 cutting elements for cones with a height of 40 to 90 cm

Hydraulic centring device
Possibility of assembling hydraulic pincers for holding and centring the stems

Hydraulic engines for wheels and cutting unit for a better manoeuvrability and cutting guidance.
Four cycle engine from Honda to regulate the hydraulic power.

Up to 400 cycles per hour

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